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Gina B├ęgin

Representing: Ormond Beach, Florida (Daytona)

Bio: Born and- besides a short stint of mountain life in Utah as an elementary school kid- raised in the flattest state in the country: Florida. Guess the high peaks never left my heart because as soon as I could, I was right back out West and up in the rugged mountains doing what just made sense: skiing, climbing, backpacking and mountain biking. As I tell my flatlander friends when they give me a puzzled look as I explain why I do these things: It’s not a choice, it’s life.

Website: ginabegin.com, outdoorwomensalliance.com, sugaredmagnolia.com
Twitter: @ginabegin, @womenoutdoors, @sugaredmagnolia, @sketchdining… etc.



Always amped for the next adventure

Always amped for the next adventure


Stephen W. Weiss

Representing: Brecksville, Ohio (Cleveland)

Bio: A recent college graduate from a small school in Ohio who decided to take a chance out west after living in Ohio for 22 years. I am a well versed athlete in organized sports such as football, basketball, and track, but a change was due after college. I recently relocated to Utah to live the climber, snowboarder, hiker, all-around adventure-seeker life. Living it up and learning everything I can in the mountain world instead of being a flatlander is what I strive to do everyday.

Website: mountainenthusiast.com
Twitter: @stevewweiss, @mtnenthusiast