#OmniTen Heli-Skiing the Chugach Trip

Wednesday, March 14

Mission: Heli-ski the Chugach Range, Alaska
Mode of transportation: Mazda 3, manual
Distance to target: 3,000 miles
Deadline: 12:30 March 17th, 2012 (3.5 days)

The plan is to drive as far and as fast as possible to make it to Alaska by the 17th for our ferry to Cordova. Skiing commences on the 18th. That means we have to travel 858 miles a day to get there in time. Having traveled the northern roads just 8 months ago, I know that there will be obstacles in the way: potholes, logging trucks on two lane roads, herds of wildlife blocking the road, and lots of gravel sections where going 40 will be the max speed. Add to that, it’s winter at 59 degrees latitude. I have no idea what dimension that adds…

No matter the setbacks or the distance, I’d rather be driving than flying. When you’re flying, you miss the gradual changes in the landscape and conversations with locals as you cross towns and borders. You miss the opportunity to ease into your destination and learn about the regions surrounding it. Oh, and you miss situations like this:

Montana Roadblock

Today’s Wrap up:
We’re ending the day in Edmonton, Alberta after 1,041 miles of driving, seven horses on the highway and two blizzards: one at high elevation on the outskirts of Glacier National Park, the other from the Dairy Queen in Cardston, Alberta.

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