Last Ski Stop

4.9.12 – Revelstoke, BC

Getting closer!

How can you possibly make a Columbia Sportswear sponsored Alaskan Heli-ski trip more epic? Answer: hit up Revelstoke on the way back down to the lower 48! I had never been to Revelstoke before and after hearing such amazing things about the area from friends in Utah, it was a must to check out.

Locked & loaded- ready to ride.

We got in to the town of Revelstoke and got a little lost but after chatting with a local business owner about the resort, I instantly got stoked. It was raining when we got in, but he reassured me that there was freshies to be had up top. He was not far off!

After getting into our magic cabin ride, flying past the rain and up above the clouds, we finally could see where the cherished powder was. The terrain at Revelstoke is challenging, fun, and with powder, can turn epic.

The day was great but unfortunately clouds rolled in towards the end and we had to cut the day short.

Revelstoke will leave you wanting more. You will leave it with some of the best memories and a need to return.

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