Introducing #ClimbChat!

Ever wish you could talk with all your “climbing partners” on Twitter to bounce ideas off each other at once?  Wonder what other climbers are out there on Twitter? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve gotten our minds working and decided to offer the perfect venue to solve your dilemma: #ClimbChat. We (@ginabegin @stevewweiss @themostepictrip) will be hosting this every Tuesday evening at 7pm MST.

If you’re not familiar, Twitter chats are Twitter-based dialogues that anyone can join just by following and mentioning whatever hashtag is assigned to that chat (i.e. #ClimbChat). Because of the diverse group of people a Twitter chat can bring together in an open, dynamic environment, there’s potential to capture great ideas and significantly grow your climbing circle. Our format will center around a topic (i.e. “Training for Climbing Season”); we will post 5-10 questions open for all participants to answer based on that week’s topic.

Haven’t participated in a Twitter chat before? It’s not difficult, but there are a few things to know before you jump in.

  1. First, follow us (@ginabegin @stevewweiss @themostepictrip) to get updates on upcoming chats.
  2. Before #ClimbChat starts, you can either search for the designated hashtag in Twitter or login with your your account through TweetChat or TweetGrid, platforms designed to enhance the Twitter chat experience. The advantage of using a platform is you don’t have to type #ClimbChat at the end of every tweet; it does it for you when you sign in.
    • Tweetchat is a simple, easy to use layout
    • Tweetgrid is more customizable; you can track the #hashtag chat in one column, and set up other columns to follow what we, the chat moderators, are saying as well as another column for all tweets that mention you
  3. Remember to chime in! All climbers, whether those dreaming about getting into the sport or seasoned veterans are encouraged to join and participate. Participation is key for reaping the benefits of Twitter chats. Ask and answer questions, add insight, discuss. We’re very open and friendly, so don’t be worried about posting a “stupid” comment or question.
Tips for a great experience:
  • Always include “#ClimbChat” (without quotations) in all of your tweets. This will ensure that your tweets get to the right audience. If you forget the hashtag, your tweet will go to your regular followers, most of whom are likely not participating in the chat. They will not get to the chat participants.This is especially important to remember if you are writing a two-part comment. Both parts must include the hashtag for them to be included in the chat.
  • Be kind, follow back. Hashtag chats are great for learning about a specific topic, but they have an additional value in the networking experience they offer. Many participants are looking to expand their networks as well as participate in the chat. So it is good etiquette to return a follow from a fellow chatter.
  • Don’t worry if the first chat seems overwhelming! Lots of people in our climbing community are new to Twitter chats, so many will be learning together. Ask questions if you feel lost!
  • Make sure to follow the moderators (again, that’s @ginabegin @stevewweiss @themostepictrip) as we’ll be posting the questions. That way you can stay on top of the conversation!
Here are a couple of videos to help you get familiar with the two Twitter chat platforms we’ve mentioned here.



We’ve gotten great feedback from the Twitter climbing community on this and are looking forward to a great first turnout! If you have any questions, great! Let us know what they are so we can help out.

7 Responses to “Introducing #ClimbChat!”

  1. Kristie S.

    I would love to get some women specific training tips, especially ones that are good for when you are traveling/moving across country :)

  2. Dave M.

    I’ve always been curious about training for crack climbing (thinking Indian Creek) when you don’t have either that type of climbing near you or a gym with a training crack.

    Also what types of training would be good for general climbing with no access to a gym or a local crag?

    Awesome topic I’m excited! Good call for 7p.m. as well. Tweetchats during work hours aren’t exactly convenient for many.

  3. Whitney

    I’d love to know just a bit more about everyone’s training. Does anyone actually train for climbing or just climb? I’d also love to hear some women’s specific training ideas.

  4. Andy

    First, thanks to Gina and Steve for pulling this together. I think it’s an awesome idea.

    My guess is I will always feel like a nooB when it comes to climbing, simply because there’s always something new to learn. So here are some questions:

    First, I don’t know what “Training for climbing” is. Is there in fact some sort of regimen I should be following? other than simply climbing?

    I’ve heard people refer to doing “laps” at the climbing gym. I’m assuming it means simply going up and down the wall at a brisk pace, but could someone comment on this?

    The more I climb, the more I realize how important flexibility and balance are. I’ve started a yoga practice, but I haven’t seen much of a difference yet. Will yoga help, and if so, what type?

    Third to balance and flexibility is power. I was thinking about purchasing a Metolius Training board for home to not only help with my arm strength but also to help with those pesky fingers. Has anyone ever used one?

    Sorry to “Bogart” the conversation. Like I said, I always have tons of questions, and I love learning.

    Thanks everyone and Peace.

  5. @ginabegin

    Love all the questions and am really excited for tonight. Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing turnout from all the chat & RTs on Twitter! See everyone at 7pm!


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