Fly Day 2: Heli-skiing in Cordova Alaska

Day of flying and I am exhausted this morning.  I took some ibuprofen to get my body somewhat ready to go.  Like always we started off with an amazing breakfast from the NEFCO (cafeteria at Points North Heli-Adventures)  After breakfast we got ready to shred and while waiting for our ride, I noticed it was not as cold as it was the morning before.

After getting dropped onto our first line, I look up and it is just us up there on the peak.  The snow is beautiful, untouched, and looks ready to slash some deep turns into.

All day it was sunny, no wind until around 2:00pm.  We got about 5 drops in before weather took a turn for the worse as we could see clouds rolling in.

Here are some shots and video from the day…



Left to Right: Will, Duncan, Andrea, Gina, and Muzz


Untouched fresh


My favorite beach.


Getting some sun.


Not a bad place to have lunch





Gina sporting Columbia Omniheat Electric gear




It was like a desert of snow.


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