#ClimbChat and Millet Meetup at Outdoor Retailer Show

Intro: What is #ClimbChat?

The Most Epic Trip's #ClimbChat Gathers At Millet During Outdoor Retailer Show

Gathering the #ClimbChat crew at Outdoor Retailer with Millet


During last week’s Outdoor Retailer Show (OR), a trade show that happens twice a year in Salt Lake City, Utah, we saw an opportunity to bring together a few folks from the #ClimbChat crew together for a meet up.

I noticed how easy it was for us all to connect with one another.  It’s funny how people that are into the outdoors are like that…

Gathering together at the Millet booth at the day’s end, we met our Twitter friends in real life, with people coming from Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, and the not-so-distant Utah. We thrive on meeting people through social media but nothing is as fun as getting together in person, enjoying beer and food, and actually climbing in person. I noticed how easy it was for us all to connect with one another.  It’s funny how people that are into the outdoors are like that — well, almost everyone.

We stayed long after the show closed for the day until we were eventually asked to leave, after which we took to the city and ended up cruising around downtown Salt Lake City.  We settled on the Beerhive for some urban indoor wall climbing and then headed to Bayleaf Cafe for late night food.  At around midnight we all were looking pretty sluggish, and with climbing to be had the next day, we split and headed home for some sleep.

The Most Epic Trip #ClimbChat Crew Climbing In American Fork Canyon

Photo by Outdoor Gear TV

The next day we headed south from Salt Lake City to American Fork Canyon.  For the majority of our #ClimbChat climbers, it was the first time they had been in this canyon.  As a Utahn, it’s hard not to love the place: beautiful steep lines of limestone with positive bomber pockets – hard to beat that.  With three ropes running and nine climbers total in our group, we got a perfect balance of climbing/not climbing/belaying.  It got a little warm around 2pm until we headed over to the shady side where Suicide Blonde (11b) is located.  We witnessed some amazing leads, first climbs, and courage climbing on what can be slick limestone.

Climbing in American Fork, Utah, With #ClimbChat Crew

We have been so grateful for all of the people who have contributed to our chats; now we are stoked to have had some of those same people participate in our first #ClimbChat meetup!  At the end of the day, it was sad to see everyone go.  We feel like we have made some lifelong friends and look forward to seeing (and climbing with) them later down the road.  It will certainly not be the last time!

Just a taste of some of the photos taken. More up on the TMET Flickr page!

Thanks again to Millet for letting us occupy their booth at the Outdoor Retailer Show! Make sure to stop by their page to check out their incredible climbing products, including Gina’s favorite, the Yalla climbing shoes.

6 Responses to “#ClimbChat and Millet Meetup at Outdoor Retailer Show”

  1. Whitney

    Great post Steve! Gina your photos rock! Thanks for posting all of them. I’m so glad I got to climb/hang with all of you! Let’s do it again soon. :)

  2. (Crash) Darren

    Cool stuff wish I could have been there. Any cool crack climbs nearby?

    • Stephen

      Cracks in American Fork? Not so much. It’s limestone, so there’s a lot of hand/finger pockets. Cracks are more plentiful in Moab (southern Utah).


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