What Hurricane Irene has taught me.

There are a few things that I have learned while being in the midst of Hurricane Irene, marking my first experience with a tropical type storm (while in upstate New York, go figure).  On top of it all, it is my first experience in a tropical storm while living out of a car.  FUN STUFF. Note: we were not in the eye of the storm but in Saranac Lake about 6 hours north of NYC.  So we are not getting the full brute force of the Hurricane that is now labeled as a tropical storm.

Nice little photo from this nice little storm.

1.  Hurricanes bring massive amounts of rain.  Better get comfortable in the car because a tent can only take so much water.

1a.  The massive amount of rain will lead to flooded streets.  Hydroplaning is not fun.

2. Power outages are common leading to a ridiculous amount of time to do absolutely nothing.  The rain/lightening leads to no activity outside and the power outage leads to no work being done while at a local wifi hotspot.

3.  Playing cards does not last long while trying to find something to do.

4.  Grocery stores are your best friend.

5.  (Heavy rain + Strong wind) – A rain jacket = Sucks

6.  The car can and most likely will smell like a stale hell because of lack of showering for a week.

7.  Shoes are optional.

8.  Playing in puddles are sometimes fun, especially when you want to feel like a kid, but not when rain is hitting you in the face at 40 mph.

9.  People who have safe-houses will go out of town when you need them most.  (it was total coincidence, really)

10.  You might lose your mind.  Just a little bit.

So there yeah go!  There is my list.  It might be a bit hard to make sense of, but hey look at #10 as a reference. HA!

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