We’re in the Red! Red River Gorge, That Is…

Took off for Kentucky.  I am still shocked that there is climbing here that is so renowned. I love discovering cool, unexpected places like this. I’m excited to finally be here- Steve has said so much about it since this is where he learned how to climb

We climbed a few routes. The approaches are kinda long so it took a while to get to them, but eh area is really pretty, so the hikes are pleasant. Well, pleasant minus the humidity which nearly cancels out the pleasant. Wow. My hair has taken on a new life. I am drenched from the humidity condensing on my skin, and because of this, I have to chalk up every other hold while climbing.

We did two areas: Practice Wall where I left my perfectly broken in climbing shoes (and weren’t there when we hiked back to the area in the evening) and Johnny’s Wall.  The climbs are fun but the second one I did was full of power moves and my stamina is zilch right now after sitting in the car for nearly three weeks. We’ve been shut out from climbing by all the rain we’ve encountered which has been incredibly frustrating after gaining some good ground climbing in the Northwest

We met a few people here.  I’m not sure how long we are gonna stay since it’s pretty much miserable being outside in this heat and humidity.  So far we have met a couple (K & Jeanna <- pronounced like my name but obviously not spelled the right way!) who are on their way back from a 3-month climbing trip of their own.  We talked for a while and because of that, we missed out on food from Miguel’s, which is the place we are camping at and is famous among climbers in the area for their pizza.  Their kitchen closes at 9:45 and we walked in at 9:52 p.m. This wasn’t happy news for three starving climbers fully expecting to get fed in just a few more minutes.

Justin picked up some bratwurst at a convenience store and I started on a creamy potato-vegetable casserole.  Everyone tried to keep a positive attitude while waiting for the food to cook. The food ended up being very good and filling, so everyone soon forgot about missing out on pizza.

After eating, we went to one of the camping areas in back of the restaurant and set up the tent. The best part of the evening was the sudden appearance of fireflies! It makes me feel back in my childhood home to see these flitting around in the dark.


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