We Were Supposed to Leave

Supposed to leave today but got stuck trying to get out of the apartment in time with the new girl moving in while we are gone. The day started great then rapidly melted by mid-afternoon when we were scrambling to meet deadlines with sponsors. Here’s why:

The shipping company who handled the cartop carrier from Thule called to say it was in then couldn’t find it, or my name, or my address, or even a shipment from Thule at all when I arrived to pick it up. Unfortunately, this mishandling lasted for about an hour and a half; and the fact that I even had to pick it up (because they said they couldn’t deliver it that day, hence the reason why I went to pick it up) set us back about another hour. Needless to say, we stayed.

However, we didn’t stay in my apartment. Though the new girl was cool with us taking extra time to get things cleaned up, she was moving in that night as she had nowhere else to go. We had nowhere else to go as well, but a contract is a contract. We were about to pitch the tent on the front lawn which would probably would have resulted in negative “Epic” points as that front lawn is located next to a bus stop and a convenience store.

Luckily we didn’t have to resort to getting mugged in our sleep as my landlord showed up out of the blue. Knowing that my next door neighbor had recently vacated, I told him our plight and he agreed to let us use the floor of the empty apartment right next to my own. After taking a short video on my phone (all the GoPros were packed away) we tried to regain a little of what was supposed to be a great first day by heading to a 7-11 and cashing in on a couple of free slurpees we had been promised by an employee there. Not quite what we imagined, but I’m sure this won’t be the only time we get sidetracked by an unforeseen circumstance on this adventure.

We managed to make a video, though…

The Most Epic Trip takes off!


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