The Rumney Rating

Finally got to climb.  Not that we did anything particularly difficult, but we got on the rock and stayed on. This is a positive direction for Rumney! We didn’t know the ratings, so we just checked out areas of climbs that were in our range and then started climbing there.  We were on some that felt like the perfect challenge, doing some harder moves with a mix of easier sections.  Feeling pretty good when a group came up scoping out the routes in the area and we overheard the ones we had done were 5.6 and 5.8.  They felt like 5.8 and 5.10. Dang.

Found out later that there is something here called the “Rumney Rating”- the rock is more difficult here than most places people have climbed an the ratings are according to this area- not according to ratings all over the country.  We were told this by Mike Mangenilo, someone who grew up in the area and climbed with the guys who set routes here in the 1960s.  Guess he knows- that’s all the confirmation we needed to feel better about our climbing.

Had a great chat with Mike.  Hehad a Snowbird shirt on and was talking about Utah when I decided I had to say hello.  We talked about skiing and climbing, of course, and then exchanged information as he may come out to ski this winter.

Also met and talked with another group of climbers- Katie Steele and Nate who goes by “Phil”.  Phil had a helmet with “Jankey Films” all over it, so I asked him about that.  He and his buddies make ski films and last winter they spent out in Alta (Utah) filming.  This year they are headed to Tahoe.  I was super stoked to meet someone making ski films and it must have shown because his friends said, “You know you’re making his day right now.” Hopefully I’ll get to meet up with him this winter as well.

It’s incredible the people you meet on these trips and how closely connected we all really are.

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