The Highlight Here is Not Wall Drug

Jessie and Aaron gave us some fresh herbs and produce, a couple of cans of propane, a tarp, a flame starter, a little cooler, etc.  Wow, we hit the jackpot, especially with the little cooler. It’s tiny enough to fit in the trunk and means we’ll be able to have some fresh food once in a while instead of just canned

We headed out about two hours late. Not that this is a new thing

Took a break at Wall Drug, South Dakota. We had heard a lot about it from people (and from the 1,000,000 signs Wall Drug posts along the highway leading up to it). The place was built in the 1930’s and is still in the original buildings from then. However, it’s nothing but a touristy junk haven.  From outside appearances, you’d think it’d be pretty cool, and it has that potential.  The wooden buildings are outlined by wooden sidewalks. Inside are stores that try to play on the old-fashionedness of the buildings. The restaurants are over-priced, the stores showcase plastic gimmicky items and the only authentic thing besides the buildings was how much I couldn’t stand the place

Frustrated that we had spent any time there, we went to fill up on gas and were back on our way. South Dakota is actually prettier than I expected. Lots of green and rolling landscape.  I felt kinda lucky that we happened to be going through at the time because the bike rally at Sturgis is just getting started so hundreds of motorcycles were rolling into town. Growing up in Daytona, I’ve heard about this festival and how it’s even bigger than the bike gatherings in my hometown so I’ve always been curious about it

We’re sleeping in a rest stop for a bit before taking off again.  It’s a very long drive. My legs are killing me from not moving enough. It’s really painful- I don’t know how truck drivers do it.


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