The Ethics of Camping (or: What Not to Do)

Don’t know the name of the town we’re in, but we’re in the Adirondaks.  On the way here, the window wiper blade came off again (ever since I got them replaced at the Mazda dealership in Bountiful, Utah right before the trip, the one blade on the passenger side keeps flipping off).  I couldn’t see, so I pulled off the Highways to try and fix the stupid thing once and for all.  I finally saw that the contraption itself didn’t fit and was therefore never going to work. I called the dealership and they said there was nothing they could do. Got in an argument with them about that one. The phone cut out but it’s not over.

Had a good time in the little town here; talked to some locals and gave out some Access Fund stuff.  They told us where free camping was, so we headed over early to get a spot in the light (finally).  We got there and found a perfect spot- no one was in the camping area and there was a pullout for our car. It was quiet, by the river, etc.  We put our tent back in an alcove where you could still see it incase anyone else was looking for a spot, but where we’d have shelter from the trees to keep the rain off.

Went out exploring and found the bouldering area by the lake nearby.  Did a few problems in the area. It wasn’t too well developed or clean routes, but it was something to do. Just being on the rock again felt good.

It got dark quickly and I wanted to leave. There were things that needed to get done and I wanted to spend some time doing that before it was pitch black outside. We should have followed that plan…

Got back to the campsite before dusk.  I’m just really angry writing all of this right now…

We roll in and two giant trucks were at our spot, a campfire was going, camp chairs all around, giant tent where our car had been parked, radio blaring and four guys and a dog sitting around drinking beer & smoking. Ok, the dog wasn’t doing that

I freaked out a little inside and got pretty firey with them

“Did you NOT see that tent right there?!” I practically growled at them.

They approached the car with feigned looks of surprise. “We waited until dark!” Seeing that I (obviously) did not find this to be an acceptable excuse, they continued. “We drove seven hours toady and this is our first time here. We didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“Yeah, well, we’ve driven from Utah, this is OUR first time here and we found with a little exploring that there are lots of campsots all around here (true). And we found that out with no problem, even though it’s OUR first day here, too.”

Excuse after excuse. All I heard was so sorry, so sorry, blah, blah, blah.

Now I’m sitting here in my tent with them about 15 feet away, fire blazing and them talking brazenly and getting increasingly louder as they became more intoxicated. I said a lot of things to them but Steve is over making friends with them and now they think everything is okay because of that

I can’t even concentrate. I can’t sleep; I have earplugs in, their radio is paying, the stupid fire is lighting up my entire tent and they’re talking about wrestling as excitedly as 12 year olds.  I wan to punch all of them in the face.  I have been so tired from driving and not doing JACK but sitting in a car and driving. I’m hungry and there’s no where to cook because they took over the entire campspot. I hate them.

Campers like this are my pet peeve. If I cussed, this journal entry would be filled with some choice words right now.  I have a headache. I can’t sleep. And these morons are talking about their favorite wrestlers.  I just want to leave.  I can’t even read a book because these idiots are “F***ing this, F***ing that” left and right, practically shouting as they talk.  Idiots.

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