The Diamond in the Rough

Boston, Massachusetts has pretty cool climbing.

This IS not a lie.

Believe it or not there is some great climbing at the Quincy Quarry.  There is a very long story of how the quarry came to be a climbing spot but simply, it was a place that had water in it, now doesn’t.  It was filled in after the area was deemed contaminated and thankfully Access Fund took it upon themselves to see the opportunity to open up a new climbing area.

The quarry is restricted to top roping and a wall of bouldering.  The climbs are extremely fun with a variety of moves needed to move up the wall.  Lie backs-a-plenty, cracks, overhangs, pump; that pretty much describes the area.  The fact that it is strictly top rope takes the risk out of climbs and allows you to go for moves that you normally would not on lead.  Which can lead to some fun climbs performing bizarre moves.  Rating wise, I think the climbs are relatively easy.  After sorting out a few issues on certain routes, I had no problem finishing routes.  I still say the routes here are fun though.  They are just plain fun.

Courtesy of Sswonk (wiki file)


Aesthetically, the crag is littered with graffiti that most would probably find unappealing but I think that the graffiti gives the quarry it’s urban personality.  Downside, the starts are really slick because of the paint.  After the starts, the climbs are fun.  I promise.

We also had the opportunity to meet up with an Adopt-a-crag event that REI helped sponsor with Access Fund.  The quarry got quite an upgrade today and looks really nice with cleaning up the broken glass, beer bottles, and random other garbage.

We want to thank Andy (follow him on twitter @aframe and his blog The Inspired Climb) for motivating us to come out and climb here.  It has been a surprising and fun experience here in Boston.

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