It has been about a month and 2 weeks, maybe.  I lose track of days quite quickly when everyday is a Saturday.  HA!

Gina and I have spent 65 days together.  That is 1560 hours, in a Mazda 3, at the crag, and in a tent.  That is comparable to what a couple in a “set” home would spend together hanging out for 195 days (and that is 8 hours a day; it’s an exaggerated figure)

What I am trying to say for those that may be confused, is that we have spent triple the time together that normal couples would in this month and 2 week period.

You can say that it is “mean” to say that the separation that we have experienced in Ohio (2 hours apart) has been good.  Let us be honest though, it has.  Getting away from each other has been accidentally a good idea.  I never realized how much alone time I never have.  I can not speak for Gina, but I know I can get a little annoying.  Being alone to your own thoughts without someone trying to start a conversation when you do not want to is nice.  This separation for me has completely re-charged my batteries and made me completely ready for the East coast.  I am so damn stoked for the crags over here.  Maine, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York; to name a few.  It has re-charged my batteries to “live” with Gina again as I have things to say that have not been said yet!  So much gets talked about while in the car for hours and hours and days, that you start to run out of things to say.  (29 hours from Bozeman, MT to Red River Gorge, KY…ouch)

In this separation also, I have realized that Gina has been a great travel companion and I would not want to do it with any one else.

We got another 3 months (roughly) and I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

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