See, See Seattle, See Seattle’s Beauty (and Exit 38)

Get the “see spot run” reference, I am so creative…

Moving on!  Time should not be wasted!


I can not believe I have never been there until now.  My v-card has been striped.  Thankfully.  Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited.  When I think of Seattle I think of hippies.  I did see some, but not THAT many.  I think that is something that is overblown except in Fremont, Seattle.  Apparently they even have a hippie festival that is bigger than the gay pride parade in New York.  So, yes, I guess Seattle is pretty hippie.

The city scape is utterly breath-taking.  It is the first place (since Utah) that I have visited where I stopped and said ‘I want to live here for at least a part of my life.”  We visited the Gas Works Park (Gina’s call) which was lovely, and what I took away from there was Lake Union.  Gas Works actually sits at the north end of Lake Union.  We were going to stay for the 4th of July celebration that was going to take place on the lake but our friend Ben had to leave unfortunately.

I feel that Seattle gets put in this category with Portland and I would have to disagree.  Now do not get me wrong I love Portland, but Seattle is just way different of a city than Portland is.

My takeaway from Seattle was that it does not get much better than this.  I love living in Utah but Seattle really does not skip out on taking your breath away over and over again.

Exit 38

Exit 38 is located at, you guessed it, off of Exit 38 on Highway 90.  The climbs here are a great change from Smith Rock.  It is looked on by locals as just “okay” but I have to say that it was epic!  Lots of overhanging, sloping crimps in one of the most beautiful places I have seen.  We went here with our generous host Ben.  Ben is important is know. (joking)

I want to try and paint this picture for you…

You pull off at Exit 38 (about 35 minutes from Seattle) on highway 90 and park the car in a very typical parking lot.  Get your gear, your shoes, and the guidebook strapped to packs.  Ben has his trekking poles ready. (Everything is easier/better with trekking poles, eh Ben?)  You take one step onto the trail and BOOM!  Rainforest.  Not even exaggerating, the fauna is so thick that the only color you see is green.  Moss  growing on rocks not in typical fashion like a carpet, but more like a bush growing out.  The temperature drops dramatically because of the huge trees that cover ever inch of forest floor.  I literally could not stop taking pictures.  An approach that would normally take 15 minutes took 30.  Sorry to hold everyone up.

Moss CAN be interesting.

We climbed on two 5.9s to get a feel for the rock on the upper portion of the area.  After that we headed to Substation where we climbed a quick 5.10c with a hard roof move to start.  After that we got on a 5.10a with a fun-fun roof final move that has you suspended in air for a second.  Exit 38 was awesome and if you are in the area I would totally check it out.


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