Saranac Lake Bouldering

Woke up early and made a big breakfast of the leftover nachos I made yesterday.  I also made chocolate crescent rolls that were just okay- not as good as homemade but Steve liked them.  It was a good change of pace.

Headed back over to the St. Regis Canoe Outfitters to talk to Dave, the owner, about climbing in New Hampshire, where we were headed next. The people at the shop yesterday recommended that we come in and talk to him because he set a lot of routes in New Hampshire.  He seemed a little humble about this, saying it was a long time ago since he had done that and that there were probably better authorities on the climbs in the area now.  He did recommend Whitehorse and Cathedral.  We were also told by the guys at Mountaineer (a shop in Keene Valley where we dropped off Access Fund stuff) that a must climb area in New Hampshire was Rumney for the sport climbs and bouldering.

After talking to Dave, we headed to the bouldering area here.  I felt a lot more hopeful today about my abilities and it actually worked out well.  We met a couple (Akira and Momo) who were also bouldering.  They had gotten a copy of the problems in the area so  we could find our way around.  They were out here from New York City, hoping to escape Hurricane Irene. This was also their first time here. Akira mostly climbs indoors, but watching him climb, you’d have no idea.  He jumped on things just to “give it a try” and them would complete the whole thing.  It was awesome to watch someone with so little fear.  It was also inspiring to see someone with so little outdoor experience transferring his gym skills to real rock so seamlessly.  His two little girls watched us with wide eyes as we tried out different problems and then pointed at the rock to say they wanted to try, too

It as a great day. I was really enjoying having 2 crashpads (using Akira’s pad, too) and another person to interact with and watch.  You can learn so much from watching others in your sport.  The way Akira used his footing and his skill set was so different from the way Steve and I climb that we were both glued to his moves just to see what he’d do next.

We had grilled salami and garden tomato sandwiches, courtesy of Steve’s grandma, for dinner.  It tasted so good with the fresh tomato.  Mmm.  We made sure the tent was all ready for tomorrow as we’re supposed to be getting rain and winds from the hurricane starting early in the morning. We’re using the Easton Hat Trick tent, so we’ll see how it holds up.


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