Rumney Bouldering

Bouldering today.  The Pound Town on Quincy road was calling our name- easy access to massive boulders and a good number of them, too.  We watched someone ascend the largish boulder by the road- he had heard that the people here are a bit more hardcore by nature and this guy was the picture of it.  In his 60s, no crashpad or spotter, climbing up a boulder about 20’ high, occasionally stopped to slap mosquitos off his leg and then continuing.

We made our way to the heart of the boulder area, or at least where we thought the heart of it was.  There were a few people there, Including the man who I just described.  As he moved past us, he muttered, “Oh good. More people to share the mosquito swarms.” We laughed- hoping this was a good thing in his eyes.

We weren’t laughing for long. The mucky ground was a haven for these pestes and we seemed to be their only food source.  It took no longer than 15 seconds after stopping to admire the boulders for the mosquitos to find and attack our skin.

I ran back to the car and got the spray with DEET. I know, I know.  Not a halthy choice.  But neither is involuntary blood donation.

We sprayed all the major exposed areas- legs, feet, arms, neck, shoulders, even the spot where our shirts might lift up while climbing.  But the moquitos were so desperate they attacked our fingernails and eyelids. We bouldered as quickly as we could, doing laps to get out of there.

The boulders were beautiful, though.  It’s mostly clean problems and approaches. The area seems well used, though it wasn’t on the day we were there.  We ended up finding a much drier post (our crashpad had been laying in a pool of muddy water) and started working on a all-hands traverse.  Well, nearly all hands. Steve got the first part but by the time I figured out all the sections and went to put them together, my arms were pumped.  No dice, but I still felt good.

The bouldering area is challenging (even without the mosquitos) and is worth checking out.

We packed up camp and headed to my aunt and uncle’s place in New Hampshire.  We’re supposed to meet up with Andy Ryan, a friend from Twitter who lent me his spare Mac laptop for the trip, but he won’t be available until later, so we need to kill a few days in New Hampshire before moving on to Boston.  Plus, I love seeing family and this is the perfect trip to do it since they live all over the place.


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