Rock City

837 East 3049 South, Almo, ID, 83312

This red barn building in Almo is difficult to miss. Actually, it’s difficult to miss much in the small town… (er- village?) of Almo. Rock City is near the turnoff for City of Rocks National Reserve and Smoky Mountain Campground, making it the most accessible spot for groceries and prepared foods for campers, climbers and hikers in the area.

Rock City is priced right, too. With the limited options in town and the remoteness of location, the owners could easily gouge tourists with outrageous prices (and that would be expected), but instead, they’ve chosen for a more just route and kept their prices competitive. Boxes of pasta and tuna sell for under two dollars and fresh fruits (apples, bananas) are $.50/$.89 depending on size. There is a pretty good selection packed into the tiny space with not only the staples, but some of the trimmings that turn an ordinary meal into something a little more spectacular.

Not in the mood to fix your food? Rock City has you covered. They have prepared sandwiches waiting in the cooler and made-to-order pizza is waiting for you by placing an order at the counter with one of the friendly staff members- mostly comprised of family and a few out-of-town college students. While I didn’t get to try the pizza (the place was packed on one particularly rainy evening- guess no one else wanted to campsite cook, either), we did get to see the options and were impressed. They make all their pizza dough from scratch (word is, they do on their sandwiches, too) and I have heard it’s absolutely delicious. The kicker though is no matter what size you get, all toppings are included. Pile it high with ham, peppers, cheese, etc- you won’t pay extra. The price was reasonable, too- around $13 to feed two hungry climbers. Note that the crust is thinner than your ordinary pizza as the owners here listened to the feedback of their clientele (climbers) who were concerned about carbs. This surprised us… we came in with the idea that we wanted a thick, crust-filled pizza. Guess we differ from the other climbers, but that’s off topic.

The people who work here are super friendly, as well. They remember your name and face and give you a big smile and hello when you come in the door. Even when they were busy, they stopped what they were doing to come over and say hi for a few seconds. On our last day in town, we made sure to swing by to let them know we were off- it was almost like they had become friends. We chatted for a few minutes and then promised we’d get some pizza next time we were in town since we had missed the opportunity. After hearing such great feedback on it from the locals and people who have visited, we knew we had missed on something great… in fact, that’s the one regret Steve still says he has on the trip so far.

If you happen to be in need of camping or car supplies, this is your place as well. Fuel for your camp stove is here as well as car parts and supplies. Supposedly, the owner can also help you fix some of the ailments your car may have, though he wasn’t on hand when we stopped in the camping/car section.

If you need to know the five-day forecast, this place has it on hand. Guess what I’m saying is if you need it, Rock City has it. And if you happen to try the pizza here, please let me know. ;)

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