Red River Gorge – Trying Again

Rained last night and almost all of today, so we got no climbing in, but we did do some hiking and met Rick Weber again (talked to him last time we were here).  Hopefully we’ll be able to get and interview with him and Liz (his wife).  They are the owners of this climbing area at Red River Gorge and they do so much good for the climbing community and in conservation work. They are great people.

Steve took me to the areas I didn’t get to see last time I was here and then we headed back onto the trail as the rain started again.  There are some amazingly beautiful rock areas here and even now, when it’s nearly a weekend and the temps are perfect for climbing, you can find some very serene areas.

When we got back on the trail, it started raining hard, so we figured it was a good time to do some video gear reviews- out in the elements. We had some of our Columbia gear on so we focused on those. Steve’s great idea!  It felt good to be able to get some work done again. I am always grateful for every chance I have to work.

We are headed to town to work since it’s raining and not much more can be done outside.

My throat is a near constant worry in the back of my mind.  Mom wants me to come back to Virginia to see a specialist or to fly me back to Utah so I can use my insurance and get things taken care of.  Not liking how it’s feeling and not liking being worried.

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