Ready to Climb Leavenworth… Ah, Maybe Tomorrow

A little view of Leavenworth

We didn’t get to a camping spot until 3 am (Tumwater). Got a little lost, had to pull over to sleep a bit, etc. Finding a camping spot at night is always the worst way to pull off a good first night. We woke up at 6 am, hoping to beat the campground host out since we only stayed a few hours but they were up early making the rounds. We got charged $17 for 3 hours of sleep. That didn’t put either of us in a good mood.

We were both very tired, but we headed into Leavenworth to get information on climbing in the area. We got help from a very helpful shop on the main street through town that gave us not only climbing and bouldering areas but places to camp for free- legally. We spent the rest of the day tiredly wandering through town and getting downright childish in several stores when the fatigue totally took over our better sense.

As we were walking back to the car, I noticed a sign for a community dinner at the local Church of the Nazarene. We never turn down a free meal, so off we went, not really knowing what to expect. And glad we did- those people went the extra mile for us.  Not only did we get fed dinner, we were given boxes of food to take back with us, and a free camp spot in a local campground with showers & electricity. They also invited us back to another dinner in two nights. If you’re in Leavenworth, definitely stop by and meet these people!


Current Gin Rummy Score: Gina 810; Steve: 760.

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