Rainy Day Activities in Banff

Yesterday it rained, so Steven’s parents went to Calgary and we stayed at the hotel and worked, watched TV an swam.  When they got back, we all went out to dinner at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company in Canmore. It not only had great food, but it was made with local/organic ingredients and had very unique flavors like honey glazed salmon and shrimp pizza with pesto and apple and cheddar pizza.  Their farmer’s market pizza is loaded with whatever is locally in season and was one of the best pizzas we had. All the pizzas are composed of handmade flatbreads and baked in a wood-fired oven.  The restaurant uses 1% of the bill to offset their carbon footprint and the place itself has a comfy but hip vibe.  The owner, Michel, came around and personally seated us and chatted for a bit. Funny guy. I really enjoyed dinner here. The only thing I would have liked was some sort of flatbread appetizer brought to the table as part of the meal while waiting because it does take some time to create their masterpieces, but it’s worth it!

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