Rained Out of the Gunks

Rained through the night.  Got up early, around 6 am as I was sleeping in the car and not very comfortable. Haven’t had a good sleep in a while. Got cleaned up a bit and headed into New Paltz to Bacchus Pub which has $2.99 burger and fries on Thursdays- a great deal because the food is generous in portion and handmade.  Pretty good, too- a much better deal than the $1/2 tacos deal  in Portland I mentioned before and definitely better than the $1 “value” menu at any of the fast food joints.  Steve found out about the special from two guys who were at the campground we stayed at. One of them worked as a server at Bacchus and the other was his friend.  I don’t really know their story as Steve was the one who hung out with them, but I know that one of them lives from his car in the campground we were staying at.  Not sure if he’s a student at the university here or not, but he seems to lead a pretty regular life.  I knew of someone who was doing the same thing while attending school in Logan, Utah at USU.  Pretty brave.

Got to Virginia at my mom’s place tonight.  We’ll be here for a bit climbing, working and earning some money if Steve can find a job. I’m working with my mom to earn some money.

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