Portland’s Hawthorne Hideaway: $1 for 2 taco night

Pretty much worked on the computer all day. Cayle eventually ripped us away from our work and took us to get the first thing we had eaten all day (it was 6:30 pm by this time). Knowing we were on a tight budget, he directed us to a place that fit perfectly: Hawthorne Hideaway. The meal was $1.00/2 tacos (not $.50 tacos; you have to order two in order to get the deal). We ordered ten of these babies, six regular meat and four vegetarian. We slammed those down and ordered six more.

I think I have a huge appetite now.

We also ran into a couple of Cayle’s friends there and I ended up talking to one about music and landscape architecture for about an hour. Good break from our work, and now I’m filled with tacos. Mmm.

Oh, and laundry is DONE! Do you know how many exclamation marks this deserves? We haven’t had clean clothes since we started the trip! I’ll withhold my further exclaiming.

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