Man, I had some good southern food today! Cayle took us to Pine State Biscuits near his place. I ordered the most popular version of their biscuit; can’t recall the name now, but it absolutely smothered the plate. There was a perfect biscuit, covered in beautifully prepared sausage gravy and a piece of fried chicken and bacon on it. Sprinkled with cheese. That thing was gone in less than ten minutes. I got chastised for it later on Twitter by someone who said I should know better. ?? The only thing I know is that I ate every bite of it. Hey, we’ve earned the right to one good, freshly cooked, calorie-laden meal.

We then headed onto the Metro, the name of the public transportation train that runs through Portland, if I remember correctly. It whizzed by the traffic congesting the main arteries of the city and dropped us in the middle of an underpass laden with homeless people. Or hipsters. It’s hard to tell.

We checked out the library where I noticed a shelf of books for sale, so I purchased four ($3/book) and then headed to an indie shop that featured local art, clothing and gag gifts (all very funky). We passed an in-the-wall Elvis chapel where you can insert a few quarters and get married by a TV, a number of delicious smelling bakeries and more than enough people openly smoking pot.

We headed back to Cayle’s where his roommates were already entertaining a few people who had shown up for a backyard get together that evening. I learned how to play Sallie Sticks, a drinking game played in the yard with plastic cups and PVC pipes. I was equipped with a tall glass of water since I’m not a drinker and it proved just as challenging as with something more intoxicating.

Tomorrow we need to go through the videos we’ve captured and try to upload them and do some laundry. It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve done any washing and I’m running low.

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