Playing the Weather Game

It’s our first time really dealing with bad weather.  To put it lightly, this sucks!  What do we do?  Do we wait it out?  Do we ditch this and go hit another crag?

Problem is we are stuck in the awesome-ness of Squamish and heading east would just have us following the storm.  (Or so I have been told)  After checking weather reports, they say differently, complicating the decision to stay or go.  We have not even got a day of climbing/bouldering in Squamish yet.  So disappointed.

The possibility of going to Alaska has also been presented.  It is pretty far (2000 miles just there) but would be freakin’ incredible and quite a story to tell.

So the options are as follows:

A. Stay, wait out the weather, hope that rain stops enough to get some bouldering in at Squamish

B. Leave for climbing areas east (sooner than planned) with a possibility of the storm following us (or us following the storm)

C. Alaska.  Really?!

D. Sit on our asses and don’t figure anything out.

Yeah we are doing D at the moment.  Sweet.  Why can’t weather just play nice?

What would you do in our situation?

4 Responses to “Playing the Weather Game”

  1. Jill, Head Geargal

    I might – MIGHT – be biased.


    Having a year’s worth of experience with the weather in BC’s Lower Mainland, I say BAIL! Even if it stops raining soon it will start again immediately.

    Now, examining your options objectively (totally, completely objectively…heh), I’d say that “East” will be there for a while but it’s unlikely that you’ll be positioned to visit Alaska anytime again soon. So…this is a total no brainer. Point thy tires north!

    I have the most experience on those roads than probably anyone you’ll ever meet so contact me for AK Highway beta if you need it!

  2. Jen Robinson

    I say head north to Alaska – what an awesome opportunity!!

  3. Phil

    What, in the way of climbing, is there in Alaska? And do you even have the right clothing? I mean, I know its summer, but it IS still Alaska.. But really, how long could a storm last anyway?? EVENTUALLY it HAS to blow through, eventually.

    If you do go to Alaska though, depending on when you get there and where you go, I’ve got some friends headed up near Achorage at Ft. Richardson that I’m sure would gladly give you a warm couch (or at least floor) for the night.

    P.S. I <3 you Steve… Kisses.

  4. k squamite

    the best option is to visit and stay with yr new squamish friends under a roof and debate the options with beverages!

    I think you’ve bailed… darn! I am days too late contacting you. tenn left a few msg on yr phone… ps lesson learned !- always contact the new female friend TOO for beta. Lets face it women are more likely to set you up better… with a room, shower, internet or just dinner!
    cheers, K


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