Pine State Biscuits

3640 SE Belmont Street

Southern food + Pacific Northwest = happy Gina. Being from the south, growing up with the food makes me miss it from time to time. This place offers the solution!

This place really piles on the calories with the Reggie, a biscuit stiffed with thick cut bacon, fried chicken, a slice of cheese and swimming atop a pool of sausage gravy (optional, add a fried egg). The calories are definitely worth it, though, if you’re needing a comfort food fix. Individually, the items comprising the meal are good-ish, esp the thick bacon, they wouldn’t be something I’d completely be impressed with. However, together it’s one heck of a satisfying fill. And if you’ve always wanted to give collards a try, this is the place to do it. They cook them exactly as they should be and even douse them in the perfect amount of vinegar. It was my favorite part of the meal. Mmm.

The sausage gravy has the most perfect consistency and texture. It was smooth in the sauce but there were chunks of ground sausage you can sink your teeth into interspersed generously throughout. My downside was the taste, but only slightly: it was a little on the sweet side and I personally would’ve liked a more hearty tasting savor, but Steve loved the gravy exactly as it was.

The place is small and we did have to wait for a seat, but that’s part of the character of the place. Be quick about it, though; the regulars are trained to table snatch if there’s any hesitation. On weekends, I’ve been told the place sells out of biscuits by 11 am and those waiting last in the line (which stretches around the block) are just out of luck. Weekdays- we got there around 11 am and just had to wait for the amount of time it took to order and get our meals (around 7 minutes) to also get a seat… not too shabby. The place has a cool feel to it in general, which is, in part, contributed to by the eccentricities of the customer base (hipsters with business people- makes a comfortable mix for the middle-ground person). Come casual or in your business attire- you’re accepted either way.

Don’t expect to be waited on here, either. You will bus your own tables and like it.

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