Nuclear Plants, Pickup Trucks, and Trains = A Bad Night’s Sleep

Haven’t written because the last two weeks have been spent in Ohio working. Steve went to Cleveland with his family and I stayed in Columbus with my sister.  It was really difficult not being outside and not being active.  I really can’t be entertained with anything indoors anymore.  I get antsy.

I drove p to Cleveland to pick him up; then after a few days in Cleveland we headed to Youngstown to visit his grandparents. I met some of his extended family. They were pretty cool; I enjoyed hanging out and talking with them.  His grandparents are awesome.  I never really had my own grandparents so I love meeting other people’s. His grandparents were very sweet and made me feel right at home.

We took off after a day in Youngstown (late start yet again, in the afternoon) and headed to Pennsylvania to climb and camp.  I don’t know if I can say it feels good to be on the road again- we’ve been spoiled with work and good food and beds and hanging out and readily available internet- but it does feel good to know we’ll be outdoors and climbing.  I have missed it.

We did get a little bouldering in Brecksville in at the Cleveland Metro Parks (Brecksville Creek).  It was surprising to find pretty decent bouldering there right along the creek in town.  It was dirty, though.  People left trash everywhere, which was very disappointing to see.

We are sleeping off the side of the road and it’s very uncomfortable.  I couldn’t get my pad out of the bag, so I just put my bag right on the ground.  It is gravelly and hard.  Lots of traffic until late and a few trains are going right by us.  The whole set up is loud and sketchy. I keep thinking someone is going to pull over and throw glass bottles from their pickups onto us in a drunken game. That or the nuclear power plant down the street is going to have a meltdown.

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