Nelson Rock Via Ferrata

Spent this whole time in Virginia- had work with mom (both Steve and I) and then when we were getting ready to leave, Steve’s grandmother got really sick and passed away with hours of his getting the news.  He left for a while for the funeral and then came back.  That was really hard news.

We were able to earn some money and my mom bought us a bunch of food- it will be ice to not have to buy any for a while.  So we ended up staying in Virginia for about 18 days… wow.  Way off schedule now.

We’re in Nelson Rock at the Via Ferrata in West Virginia (Circleville).  We were invited to come out here months ago by a lady on Twitter who was helping promote it.  We got to check out the area a bit today but tomorrow morning we’ll actually go up with a guide and do the Via Ferrata. Tonight we’re camping for free (yea!) on the grounds where our guide is… he’s actually living in the campground.

We met our guide’s friends tonight as well.  They made a big dinner for all of us with fresh veggies and peanut sauce.  We contributed a can of chicken and conversation since they had everything else covered.  We had a great time meeting them and just hanging out with people who are outdoorsy again. Not that my parents don’t like the outdoors, but…

We asked the guide (George; he does have a name) what he plans to do when the season ends here- a question we ourselves always get asked regarding the end of our trip. He said nearly the same thing we do: No idea.  Just enjoying the experience now.

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