My Secret Bouldering Weapon

Taking off for climbing now at 1pm in Acadia. It was supposed to rain today, too, but it’s been nothing but sunny, so out we go.

Got some bouldering in at Monument Cove.  We are never sure if we are in exactly the right place around here.  There are really no other climbers except at Otter Cliffs, so we kinda look for a spot that looks like it can be bouldered on  in the general vicinity of where we were told to go.

Today we went to a big cove just south of Thunder Hole.  We started on the south part of the cove and just continued to follow the cliff bands around to the south and bouldered as many problems as we could.  There are no chalk marks on anything, so it’s hard to know if any of these have been done, but we jumped on every single problem we could spot. Just like on the 3rd of this month, we ended up finding problems that were mostly V0-V1.  Super easy stuff.  Lots of places to explore and scramble around on in the meanwhile.

I’m finding that if people are around, I get nervous about failure and perform better.  I was working on a tough sit-start (they are the bane of my climbing existence); time after time the 1st move would kick me off the rock and back to the crashpad.  Then people walked by, not expecting us to be there and obviously curious as to why we were sitting on a giant turquoise pad facing a rock.  They kept looking back.  This was a point of pride for me now.  I don’t mind not being good at something among friends but with strangers I’m always super cognizant of eyes watching.  I think it pushes me past where I thought my limit was and into a new zone.  So when these people walked by, I suddenly stuck the 1st move and finished the problem.  Topping out felt good- even though the people I thought were watching had moved on.

Which, by the way, was a little deflating… oh well. =)

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