More Rain in Squamish

Still raining. Talked to Tom a bit. Can’t climb because the rock is too wet, but we headed up a trail inside the Shawamus Provincial Park campground where we are staying to 1st peak. The hike was intense! All stairs. No kidding. If you’re not on a wooden step, you’re on rock steps. They reminded me of the kind that are on the ancient temples in Mexico in terms of steepness. I was gripping exposed tree roots for balance. It’s a very popular trail, but I did not see one out of shape person on it… and I guess for good reason.

It’s beautiful, though. You can imagine the place being full of grizzlies (and I’m sure it is). I took a lot of macro photos

The rest of the day we spent in the car. We rigged up a kitchen in the parking lot as it’s still raining. We used the rain fly, the camera’s tripod and a light stand create it. It looked kinda ghetto, but it worked. I made dinner & then read until now. It’s still so light here; guess it doesn’t get dark until 10 pm. Love being in the north country.

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