Moab Diner

189 South Main Street, Moab, UT 84532

Stretch your dollar- this popular spot is the best place in town to fill up on a hearty breakfast for around $6/per person. It’s pretty traditional diner type fare (hey, check the name) but they do a good job with it and the service is friendly. The names of the menu items show they know who their crowd is and the plates of food are sized accordingly for the hungry bikers, climbers and rafters who frequent the area.

They also have ice cream here, fitting for the many 95+ degree days that Moab sees. Not a huge selection, but the shakes are good and large enough to share a bite or two with your girlfriend who claimed she didn’t want one of her own.

The place is generally packed, but these seasoned waiters know how to move and the kitchen gets things out fast. In my many visits here, there has only been one time I have been disappointed with the service and it was an extreme case- I think the waitress was new (I usually recognize the faces working here) and we’re pretty sure she simply forgot to put our order in. We waited over 45 minutes before saying we had to leave. However, don’t let this deter you; this waitress has probably figured things out by now or has been taken off the roster as this place prides itself on friendly and quick service.

Don’t expect too much in the way of healthy… most of these meals cater to fast and filling. Many options have a large component of fried fixings though the grease isn’t as high as you’d expect in many diners. They do offer some fresh fruit options and lighter versions, but the majority of food caters to getting the food out fast and getting you full and on your way (i.e. starches and bacon. Mmm. Bacon…).

This is a great place if you want to see what characters are in town for the weekend as this is one of the main gathering places of the Moab masses. If you’re up for noisy, bustling and lively, this is your spot.

And heads up- they’re closed Sundays.

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