Meet the Parents

Got into Jasper/Banff today.  It was raining a lot of the drive but we’ve gotten used to that.  It’s so beautiful here.  It’s crazy how the land goes from prairie/rolling hills to these giant, craggy mountains with thick glaciers on them.

It’s much more touristy here of course.  This is Steve’s first time here and he definitely likes it, especially all the snow on the peaks.  It feels good to be back in an area I am familiar with, even though I do love traveling to new areas.

Checked out Lake Louise ski area and the lodge.  Met two girls, one from England, the other from Australia, who worked there during the winter and stayed on for summer. They invited us to come back and ski the resort this winter and they would hook us up with passes.  We grabbed a Cornish pastie at a plaza at the base of Lake Louise (the actual lake).  I love these! It’s a must have along with some amazing loaves of bread with ham and cheese baked into them that I always get in Jasper. (Bear Paw Bakery).  I can’t make a trip to this area without having each of these.

Met Steve’s parents for the first time. We met them on our way to get dinner & they were talking back.  They decided to go with us and ended up taking us to dinner at the pizza place they were just at.  I really enjoyed finally meeting them.

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