Loving the Quincy Quarries!

We got up at about 6:30 this morning and sat around to watch when the campground hosts made their rounds but never saw them, so we took off at 8 am after packing our things up.  There is a Whole Foods right by us (yeah!) so we get to use the gift card they gave us for the trip- which means better food.  We spent a long time in the store admiring all the produce, the different bulk items (such as Panko breadcrumbs!) and handmade sausages.  This particular Whole foods even has a fresh specialty pasta made by a family-owned business in New Jersey that they serve from the case by the pound. A man in the prepared foods section was making custom omelettes.  Oh, and I got stuck at the dessert case for about 15 minutes just admiring the handiwork there.  I could have used up the entire gift card in one trip, but I retrained myself to the basics…. mostly.

Back to Quincy Quarries again today for some bouldering.  The temps have been perfect but today it was a little colder aas the sun was hiding behind great big puffy clouds.  Whenever it would pop back out, we had a noticeably warm spell which we took advantage of by laying down on the crash pad until it hid itself again.  It was a way to reward ourselves for the boulder problems we just did… not that I really deserved it as I stuck to easier ones today.  Yesterday my finger got caught between the rock and the rope while being lowered and it pulled the tissue away from the nail so the whole fingertip is throbbing today.  It made it hard to fall sleep last night but I can’t really complain- if it hadn’t been my finger, it would have been my face as it was a section of the climb where a roof was and I was being lowered over it and lost my footing.  I put my hand out jus tin time to protect my face but the rope came down hard over top of it as I was still being lowered, so It rubbed the skin back.  Ah well, minor injury of course, but it didn’t help with the climbing today.

Steve did some highball problems, though. It was the first tiem I’ve seen him sketched ou ton anything with bouldering.  I didn’t like the feeling of standing 20 feet below him while he was worried about the final move- which if he didn’t get, he’d lose his handholds (not being very secure ones) and fall back to the crash pad.  But he used that adrenaline to make the final push through and topped out on a very slope-y mound of grass.  No rock to hold onto. Ugh.

We got to have dinner with our friend, Andy, and his family tonight! It was great meeting them all and of course nothing beats having someone cook for you.  They made some seriously delicious pasta with meatballs, a garden tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, bruschetta parmesan bread, and yummm… homemade ice cream sandwiches. We even got to take home some extra chocolate chip cookies!

It was a great time there with lots of laughing and food. Nothing is better than that!

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