Lockspot Cafe

3005 NW 54th St Seattle, WA 98107

If I was asked to find this place again, I couldn’t.  Not because of it’s style or look but because it is in Seattle and I am terrible with directions.  Luckily we had our friend Ben guiding us.

The restaurant was...

The decor of the restaurant was relaxing and casual.  After climbing for 2 days we were not exactly in the mood for fancy.  This is not fancy, if at all.  You seat yourself around a moose head, an old sailor statue, and boat-decor all over the restaurant.

Let’s get down to what really matters in a restaurant, the food.  We came here to get some fresh fish on the cheaper side and that is exactly what we got.  The fish here I thought tasted amazingly fresh and thought that the breading of the fish and chips were delectable.  I bet some Seattle residents might not find it as good as I thought, but hell, I am a visitor from a state where we have salt in a lake.  In all seriousness, I could not stop eating the fish it was so good.  The amount they give you too is more than enough, even for me.  Two big pieces of fish with fries.  Yep, I was satisfied.

We also got a side of clam strips after we had tasted our friend Ben’s dinner.  Those were a MUST to get.

I thought the beer selection was wide, making me very happy.  I had never had any Washington beers before and I felt like I deserved one.  Tried the Port Townsend Pale Ale with my fish n chips, and it was perfect.

If you are in Seattle, do not want to pay an arm and a leg for fish n chips, and want to sample some of the finer beers of Washington, the Lockspot Cafe is for you.

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