Little Yellow Discs

Didn’t get much sleep last night because the idiots were loud forever (see yesterday) and then woke up early because their dog was barking.  So I got up and turned on the radio as loud as I wanted and started working.  Luckily the Humless is charging so I could work on some photos I took of Steve climbing yesterday.

We took off at about 10am and passed through Lake Placid on our way to Seranac Lake.  Saw the giant ski jumps in Lake Placid.  Kinda cool to see the place I learned so much about when I was writing about the history of skiing. I can’t remember exactly, but I think this was the first place for winter Olympics in the States.

We are now on our way to a supposedly spectacular bouldering area by Lake Saranac.  The area has 89 boulder problems from V0 to V”you gotta be kidding me.” Needless to say, I think there will be plenty to keep us occupied for the couple of days we have of sunshine before Hurricane Irene makes its way north and floods us out. It’s supposed to be a HUGE hurricane and make its way all the way to Canada. We’ll see what happens.




The bouldering turned out to be pretty good. We found the place with a little trouble since it’s unmarked, but when we did find it, I suddenly felt a smile go through me.  There were these clean, amazing looking boulders everywhere! We tried some out after setting up camp in a free area recommended by St. Regis Canoe Outfitters in Seranac Lake. The free camping was by Jones Pond.

I was quickly frustrated, though, since our lack of climbing the past few weeks has greatly diminished my skill. I attempted a number of problems but was only able to finish a few.

Came back to camp late and noticed a note on our tent from the Forest Service.  Apparently where we had set up our tent was not a campsite, though it had every look of being one.  We were asked to relocate.  This is a reoccurring situation with our site selections.  We pick spots that look like every other campspot and then it’s the only one in the area that’s not. It was only after about 30 minutes of searching that we found out how to tell what was a site and what was not- we had to look about 10 feet off the ground up the trunk of a tree (one of the many) for a 4” wide yellow disc of plastic.  If there’s a tent on it (and you can make it out), it’s a campsite.

We’re sleeping in our site tonight anyway.

By the way, if you are going to be climbing (or doing anything outdoors, really) head over to the aforementioned St. Regis Canoe Outfitters. These guys are super helpful, knowledgeable and just an all-around good contact to make in the area. And if you’re into water-sports, these people are definitely the ones you want to get a hold of. They plan every aspect of water-trips for people and can help you figure out how to spend any amount of time out on the water. Big props to these guys- they spent about an hour and a half helping us out and chatting with us about the area… and saved us a ton of money by helping us find free camping.

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