Life. Reflection of Haines, Alaska.

Life.  It comes and goes without warning.  You can’t stop it.  You can’t slow it down.  It doesn’t wait for you.  So what are you waiting for?

Okay enough of the cheesy, cliche nonsense.

Life is about happiness, or is it?  What is it about really?  Have you taken the time to sit back and think ‘what’s the point of life’?

Religions have helped people figure out the answer.  Being active in nature does it for me.  Well, I guess seeing Alaska does it for me really.  It’s so cool up there.

If you are wondering where we went from the last post, we headed to Haines, Alaska.  Yes, Alaska.  Roughly 4000 miles round trip, spent money that we could not afford, but an experience that we just could not miss.

Seeing the people of Alaska made me realize how small you can REALLY live.  When I moved to Utah from Ohio I thought I was living minimal.  Psh, I look materialistic compared to these people.  I think what I have realized about my own life is how much you don’t need and what I really want to do in life.

Simple living.  It’s all about location!  I can see how people in Haines live so small yet are so happy, when you live in a place like Alaska you can not just help but smile waking up in the morning.


24 hours of sunlight, most amazing mountains around you, Chilkoot Lake, larger than life wildlife, some of the coolest/happiest people



I am very interested and have been since starting my short span of mountain life in minimal living.  My opinion: Haines has “got it going on”!

3 Responses to “Life. Reflection of Haines, Alaska.”

  1. Nathan Ridley

    I would love a post for a ‘day in the life of’ some of these folks you’ve met in Haines! What’s at the heart of this minimalist lifestyle?

    • Stephen

      I think the heart of it is good fresh food, all the time. They fish to what seems like everyday. I really don’t know. Nate you always have such good ideas.

  2. Gina

    I think they have so much outdoors that they don’t need to build houses to surround themselves with “beautiful” things indoors. Calling it beautiful, now, in fact, cheapens the word. Once you’ve experienced Alaska and Canada, as well as many other parts of the great outdoors you realize what true beauty is. Living small is not a problem when you’ve got so much to see and do out there.


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