Leaving Day…WHHAAAAT?!


Well you would not be the only one to be surprised that the day is finally here.  Leaving Day.  This day will live in infamy, in my life anyway.  Most likely Gina’s as well, but I try not to speak for her.  The excitement of leaving has overshadowed the nervousness that will come with this trip; from money worries, to driving an insurmountable distance, and/or dealing with mother nature, like bugs, wildlife, and weather.  There are so many other factors top of those but will all be great experiences.

Regardless of the mixed feelings, it IS happening and lets be realistic, I am living a dream.  Being able to focus on rock climbing for the next 5 months is something that not many people get to experience.  A trip so epic is something that many people do not get a chance at in general.  With this trip we really do hope to inspire people to get a little “crazy” with ideas in their heads and go for them.  You want to live in a tent for a year and survive off the land with just a knife?  Go for it.  You want to hike from Southern California to Whistler, BC, Canada?  Why not do it?  The point of what I am saying is, yes it will be a lot of work and hardships, but in the end, totally worth it!

I want to end this post by saying thanks for all the support that we have gotten from family, friends, sponsors and the new awesome friends we have made because of this trip.

Actually, I’ll end this post with a cute puppy.  I always like leaving on a high note…

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  1. Kristy

    You guys are awesome! I hope every moment of this trip brings you great joy and chances to serve others. My biggest dream is happening every moment in the sweet subtle growing moments of my children. I am inspired to help them see every hope as a real possibility no matter how crazy it may seem, or how unreachable it may feel. Go for the gusto. Live the impossible. Love beyond limits. True dreamers are those that not only live their own dreams but encourage those around them to take the big plunge. Epic.


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