Leavenworth & Tumwater Canyon Bouldering

Just gotta say I am SO glad I picked up those books in Portland’s library. I am mid-way through Count of Monte Christo and have had a hard time putting it down since I started it three days ago. It has been great to read while trying to fall asleep and when I wake up earlier than Steve… which is pretty much every day. =)

Today we took it easy in the morning, hanging out with our campground buddies (Kendra, Tennessee, Matt & Susi) and then headed into town for free bread at the Community Cupboard.  We inquired about other food items as someone at the Church of the Nazarene said we might be able to get some canned foods. We didn’t get any of that, but they did have extra peanut butter, cookies (whooooohoooo) and juice.  We also got two big bags of rolls, which we started digging into right away. I think from now on we’ll always check out the community food places and churches and see if we can help them out in some way in return. We have saved a lot of money this way here, especially with all the free camping.

We bouldered by Swiftwater picnic area in Tumwater Canyon. Once again I surprised myself with completing some harder routes. I guess it is all the climbing we are doing is actually making a difference. I never really noticed it in the climbing gym.

We met a guy, Ian, from Hueco, TX who had moved here and was just getting into climbing and bouldering. It was apparent to see how stoked he was on the sport. It’s something I love about new climbers. They have so much enthusiasm and want to do everything they can to learn and progress.


Dinner tonight was a combined effort between Tennessee, Kendra and I. I pulled out the CampChef oven (which everyone oohed and ahhed over) and started making garlic bread, which got great reviews. I think everyone is just hungry so anything hot tastes good. =) We met a new girl who came and ate with us. It turns out a large portion of the dinner party are food activists like myself, so naturally the conversation steered that direction; there was a heated discussion about the evils of GMOs and the horrid monster that is Monsanto (if you don’t know about this company, you should).  We ended the dinner discussion on a positive note and everyone said good night.

Steve and I did hand shadows on the tent wall until we decided it was time to buckle down and get to writing in our journals about the day. He then reminded me that we raced that day in trail running and I had lost. I think he wanted to make sure that got into my journal.

We have been having a hard time updating our trip page & social media outlets. Our plan was to use the solar charger we have with us on the trip to keep our computer up and running while we updated at night after climbing and then as soon as we got to an area with internet connection, just upload our files- easy as that. But the problem is that our solar charger hasn’t been working so we haven’t been able to keep up with the daily journal entries, photos and videos we’ve been creating. They pile up and pile up and it takes hours upon hours of work once we finally get to a power & internet outlet. It has probably been the biggest frustration of the trip.

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