Leavenworth Bouldering

Love LOVE the bouldering in this area! I even impressed myself today (hard to do) by getting through some surprising moves. The problems were very crimpy- not sure of the ratings. I’ve kinda come to the point where ratings don’t matter as much as just feeling the challenge and being able to complete or at least progress each day I climb. I think I’ll start living life with that outlook.

We got some free bread from the Community Cupboard, a thrift store we were told about that gives food to those in need. We aren’t necessarily in need, but the person who works there told us to go by because they always have too much bread and they need to get rid of it every day. We don’t need to be told twice to go get free food!

We talked with a local boulderer today to find a new spot in. Excited to move into a new area and see what else this area has to offer. So far, I’ve been very pleased with Leavenworth.

We checked out how we were doing with our budget today. Looks like we’ve been giving into convenience a little too much and need to cut back on going out to eat. We’ve spent almost $100 on that since we started and that definitely not sustainable. We’re talking about staying with our families longer and trying to work so we don’t have to worry so much about money, especially when we get back from the trip since neither of us have jobs lined up. Plus, Canada is coming up and I know from experience that it is one expensive place to hang out in.

We’re skipping Gin Rummy tonight in exchange for 20 questions. Yup. We’re reverting to our pre-school games.

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