Late (Early) Start for Roadtripping

Finished the Quincy Quarries video at about 1:30am while parked outside the Apple Store in Hingham, MA. Turned out pretty well, I’d say, and now I feel comfortable putting together a video.  It was so confusing but got some help from Twitter and got it done.

Headed back to the Wompatuck State Park Campground where we’ve been staying and set up a tent for Steve to sleep in but he didn’t want to, so we slept in the car.  Got up earlyish before the campground hosts made their rounds and headed over to the plaza to figure out what we were going to do from here. We want to climb Rhode Island and Connecticut but we’re not sure where the climbing is in either of those places.

We ended up working all day because it started raining and Steve took off and used the computer somewhere else. I don’t have a cell phone so I couldn’t call him. I got a lot done, though, which was good.  Got caught up on blog posts from the past couple of months- which was so boring but so necessary.

Took off for Rhode Island at about 5:30pm. We didn’t arrive until after dark and the park ranger told us the park was closed. No camping there.  It’s too bad because Lincoln Woods, where we were, is supposed to have fantastic bouldering- at least that’s what we heard from Greta and Tom who we climbed by the other day in Quincy.  We were going to do Rhode Island and Connecticut in one day, then head to the Gunks in New York, but instead we just came right to the Gunks.

We tried to find a campspot, but I swear  New York  likes to hide them in their campgrounds, so we slept in the car yet again.  Fine with me, but Steve gets really uncomfortable and it wakes me up because he moves around.  He got angry in the middle of the night and hit the steering wheel which scared me awake and then accidentally hit the horn.


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