Last Day in Leavenworth… Almost

Last full day in Leavenworth. Our Canadian friends left and Steve wasn’t feeling that much into climbing. We went anyway but gave up after some hiking that lead to an area with 40 foot boulders (Mad Meadow).  There were only a few routes that we were willing to try with only one crash pad but it wasn’t worth the hike back to the equipment. It was sketchy enough footing without a mini-mattress strapped to our backs. Besides, Steve wanted to save his hands for a couple of projects he started a couple few days ago.  I tried a few problems but they were completely impossible for me. I had attempted it with a fancy move that involved kicking my heel into a pocket at about shoulder height and hanging from it. That’s as far as I got.

I can’t believe how much I am enjoying bouldering. I wish we had another crash pad, but we wouldn’t be able to fit it in the car anyway. I would take more risks if there were just one more, though… my mom’s probably happy I don’t have one more.

Steve and I headed to town since we weren’t doing so well on the bouldering front.  We got a bunch of free samples of food (Leavenworth is great for that).  Afterwards Steve attempted one of his projects but ended with a blood blister so we called it a day. Guess he’ll have to come back to Leavenworth.


The best part of the day was the potato soup I made. Mmm! We finished off the 12 cookies we were given from the Community Cupboard in 2 days.  They weren’t small, either. I’m craving one now as well as an ice cold, tall glass of MILK.  The water we got from the tap today in the nearby campground was brown, so I won’t drink it without putting a purifier on. So I just ate potato soup and I am parched and it’s pretty much all I can think of. I might just drink that brown water…

Gonna wrap up the night with a game of Gin Rummy  (I’m still ahead) and then we’re heading to Goldbar tomorrow.

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