Last Day for Quincy Quarries Climbing

We went climbing for our last time in Quincy Quarries.  Andy met up with us by Panera where he bought us breakfast before he and Steve headed to REI to check out climbing rope (I went into Williams Sonoma and Barnes and Noble instead.)

Once at the Quarry, Steve and Andy climbed while I laid out the rope tarp and laid down for a nap.  The sun was so warm and making me very tired.  They got a coupl e of climbs in before I woke up and got on the rock.

There were a couple of challenging moves on the wall today including one that was a perfect blend of balance, technique and strength.  I definitely felt challenged and good about the climbs I did today.

Steve and I were both feeling a little lazy after Andy left, so we sat around it he field for a while before getting back on the rock. Once we did, some guy with a dirt bike entered the area illegally and was tearing up the fields. We couldn’t hear the commands we were giving each other and the other climbers were obviously having the same problem because they all stopped climbing and just stared at the idiot going in circles in the middle of us all.

After that little episode, we saw a falcon fly right overhead and swoop down on a squirrel a few yards away.  That’s the first time I’ve seen that.  Luckily for the little squirrel, the falcon missed.

We packed up and said goodbye to Quincy Quarries and headed over to the plaza to use Panera’s internet (awful connection; won’t try that again) and then parked outside the Apple store to create a wrap up video about Quincy Quarries that featured Andy.  Making videos has been challenging.  We don’t really have the technical skills so there’s a lot of internet searching that goes on to figure out how to make things work.  People on Twitter are some the most helpful- they’ve been providing links to instructions and offering advice.

The video we are putting up today is much, much better than the last one!


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