Instead of Climbing Seattle

I decided to take it easy with the climbing today and work on our photos and such while the guys went out climbing at Exit 38 again. I didn’t want to miss out on the fun, but things needed to get done. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of not having internet with you all the time. Work gets piled up and when you finally get to a place with internet, it takes hours to complete everything.

Steve with Sydney and Turk, the relentless player of catch.

I took a break once in a while to play with Turk, the dog who has an insatiable appetite for fetch. If you step outside, he will immediately find something- anything- to drop at your feet and wait in full attention mode until you throw it. This will repeat for hours… always the same ready stance, always the same steady watch, muscles twitching whenever you make the slightest move to throw the object he has delivered.

Rae left today for Utah and I figured the guys would be hungry after their hours of climbing, so I started searching through their kitchen (and added some of our ingredients from the car). I ended up making homemade gnocchi with spinach alfredo sauce and thinly sliced cuts of breaded fried chicken. The guys loved it and every last bit of it was gulped up.  There’s no bigger compliment than everyone wanting the very last bite of what you made.

Just writing it is making me hungry. I miss being in the kitchen with fresh ingredients and a variety of kitchen tools within easy reach. I think this is becoming a theme.

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