Goodbye, Rocky Mountains… Hello Calgary

Steve’s family headed out today. We did too.  We went to Banff to see Mathieu to drop off stickers for his van.  He is journeying to California on his own Epic Trip.  We also wanted to climb with him but it seems he’ll be busy getting ready to leave on Monday.  He’s having a going away party he invited us to, but we’re leaving for Calgary to visit my friend Kristina

Got to Kristy’s, got slightly settled in and then headed out to meet up with her and her boyfriend’s buddies.  Had a great time meeting the crew and hanging out. It feels good to be around someone I know and around a bunch of people around our age again.  I think times like these are needed to break up the long stretches of just two people in a car.

We headed to a pub after the restaurant portion; a place called “Wurst”. It’s very German- the waitresses all wore the traditional bar maid costumes and they served beer in giant boots, which held five pints. I watched from the sidelines as the guys all made their way through the $30 mug. I had a Shirley temple (my usual soda) and a pretzel.

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