Getting Back at Close Campers

Steve’s friend, Justin, showed up as I was talking to a passerby about my CampChef oven.  I get so many questions about it- it is by far the most talked about piece of gear we have. This guy was no exception. Looks like he wants to buy one now as he has spent the past 10 years traveling and says this will come in handy- especially for his girlfriend who loves to bake.

Steve was still asleep, so Justin went over to the tent to wake him up.  After breakfast, we headed out to Muir Valley to climb.  We got onto Techtonic wall first.  I’m having a really difficult time as this trip goes on.  I climbed more gearing up for the trip than I have  on  the trip since we’ve gotten to the eastern area of the country and I have noticed the digression. It’s disappointing as it was the opposite of what I was thinking would (and should) have happened.

I couldn’t finish the first two routes today – rated 5.10+ in the book- and finally got one climb in at Bruise Brothers wall that was a 5.7. It was easy, yeah, but the sad part was when I got to the top and had to switch out from quickdraws to top rope, my brain got all fuzzy and I couldn’t’ put the steps in order of how to re-rope.  I got back down after a while and decided I just shouldn’t’ climb the rest of the day.  I zoned out a lot yesterday.  I could feel myself just staring at things for no reason- daydreaming almost.  I just couldn’t’ focus.

I get really frustrated when my skills go down so drastically.  I am kind of angry at some of the circumstances on this trip and wish I could start it over now that I know things better- like where to camp, where to climb, when to go for good weather, etc. I was thinking about it last night and we spent about a month and a half visiting with family and friends.  Most of that time couldn’t be used for climbing because of location or because of rain, so it was good we had somewhere to stay, but still.  We still have a lot of ground left to cover but cold weather and the time to take over my lease again is coming up fast.

Had pizza at Miguel’s and played cards in the common area before going back to the tent.

Oh. On the first night we got here, we set up our tent away from everyone else to have some quiet so we could sleep.  The next night we came back and 3 tents had set up next to us within an arm’s length of ours.  What the heck?! Not only was proximately a little unethical, but so was their noise level. So when Justin came, we told him to set up his tent within an arm’s length of theirs with his tent door directly facing their tent door. Ha ha!


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