Eating Moose in Maine

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S SEPTEMBER!  Wow… this trip is flying by.  I’m excited and saddened by this… excited that ski season is right around the corner as well as the Fall colors that we’ll be finding en route throughout the rest of our travels.  Sad that we’re about at our halfway point and are on the downhill portion of this trip.

I’ve been thinking- it’s going to be hard to make the transition from car camping/ road life to a normal civilized life in an apartment in a city.  I don’t even wan to live like that now.  It’s nice to have somewhere to come back to, but I’d rather have that be a “regrouping” spot before taking off on the next adventure.  However, I really don’t mind during the winter as I love Utah winters and can’t wait to ski!

Today we worked online with Twitter and Facebook and getting photos and videos imported.  We don’t have steady internet here, either, so it’s slow work.  I think this has been the biggest struggle of our trip- having a way to get everything uploaded.

We had moose meat for dinner.  It was one that Uncle Earl had shot earlier. We loved it.

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