Easy Like Sunday Morning at Smith Rock

*Got some great pics of the sunset today so I’m just gonna throw those in because we only took video during the day.

While hiking around mid-morning, we overheard our friends from yesterday (U of Oregon students) in an area that proved challenging to access. In fact, we spent all morning trying to reach them (unbeknownst to them) but never succeeded. Instead, we ended up hiking up an area called Cocaine Alley and after getting past all the scrambles, we decided to check out the other side of Smith Rock since we had already done the challenging part of getting to the top (the main trail to the other side is called something Misery Ridge or something along those lines).

We found the main trail and did a spontaneous trail running competition between each other to a popular spot called Monkey Face. I couldn’t see the monkey at all, though Steve insisted it was there. I guess. I still don’t believe it.

Getting more vibrant...

We only got on one climb today- a super easy classic called 5 Gallon Buckets. Even though it has a mild rating, I was glad to not lead it… I was wiped out from the hiking we had done.

Later on, we met some people in the communal picnic area who were roasting fresh veggies and marshmallows and offered us full plates of it. I’ve been craving fresh food (we’re eating a lot of canned right now) and this hit the spot. We have met some great people here. It’s set up so everyone eats and camps in the same area so you end up meeting the same people and becoming like a little community.

Overall it was really relaxed and a playful day.

Those colors are the real deal.

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