Dierke’s Lake, Idaho

Well, we came here to Dierke’s Lake (pronounced Dirk-ees) to climb some hard basalt routes.  That did not happen, but what did happen was something that felt like a big, fat, bacon cheeseburger and a beer after not eating all day.

A lake.  Oh man, jumping into Dierke’s Lake was not only refreshing, but cleansing!  After not showering for the past 7 days and having cut up hands because of climbing, a lake was just what the body needed.  The sun was hot in Idaho but the water was cold.  The cold rush of the water took my breathe away.  Getting the grease out of my hair was a must and getting the granite sand off of me was also a must.  It’s sand. It gets everywhere!

While at Dierke’s we also got a chance to check out the Shoshone Falls.  It is referred to as the Niagara of the west.  As Gina put it, ” You have to just stop and stare.  It is the most continuous, monotonous motion, and yet I can’t look away!”  It truly was beautiful and I am really glad we stopped.  Seeing the ultimate power of such a huge waterfall was truly epic.

Anyway, though it was a chill day of swimming, checking out the falls, and now, some work because of awesome fast food chains with free wifi, it has been a VERY productive day.

I think my body is ready for the next chapter in this epic journey!

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