Desperately Seeking: A Laptop that Works

We are winding down the urban life and tying up loose ends here as we prepare to countdown for The Most Epic Trip. We’ve gotten some terrific sponsors on board as far as gear goes. The outdoor community has been wonderful to work with and we’re so proud to be a part of it.

We needed a little bit of a break from the emails, calls, letters, web design (with a big thanks to John!), social media, etc., so we headed to Vail this past weekend for the Teva Mountain Games and met up with some friends from Twitter (Hi Whitney, Andrew and Nicole!) and our sponsors that were at the games (GoProTrek Light Gear, Mile High Mountaineering, Thule).

Alex Puccio

Alex Puccio on the recent cover of Outside Magazine


We also got to meet and talk with Alex Puccio after the world bouldering competition she participated in. We grabbed her attention and let her know that a good friend of Steve’s, who is serving in the Army, is a huge fan of hers. She jumped right over to us and took a photo to send to him. She apologized for her shoulders getting in the way of the photo.  Oh- no bother, Alex. We can deal with it. ;)


Access Fund

Our Friends are Celebrating 20 Years of Environmental Success!


Our main purpose for the trip to the Mountain Games (besides the awesomeness of escaping to Colorado) was to meet up with Access Fund. They are as great a group in person as they have been through email- very personable and enthusiastic about the project. We are thrilled to be working with them to protect the environment in climbing areas and spreading the word to other outdoor enthusiasts about environmental stewardship. They passed off stickers, brochures and posters; we’re hoping to come back with an empty box by the time our 11,000 mile trip is done.

Now on to a plea. A plea for ideas, for help, for your collective minds to come together to solve a big challenge for us. We desperately need a laptop in which we can edit videos and photos on a regular basis and that will connect to the internet.  It is integral to this trip and has become out biggest hurdle. We thought we could find one by this time but realized it was a bigger obstacle than we thought. It’s the way we will keep in touch with people all over North America as we travel and organize cleanups. Our budget is so strict (as we are paying for this out of pocket) that we’re at a bit of a loss of what to do.

Please Help

Yes, we went there.


We do have a donation page on this site but aren’t sure how to publicize that without sounding pushy. We may be able to raise funds through there, but we don’t know if that is possible within a week’s time. So, our lovely, thoughtful, highly-cherished Outdoor Community, we’re reaching out to you. Can you help us find a computer so we can keep this project going to its full potential?


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