Day 4: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins, 5.10c and Canadians


They're cooking!

In an ambitious mood and willing to take on some hefty experimentation, I was able to make chocolate chip oatmeal muffins without a recipe on hand. I was kinda impatient to get my hands on the oven portion of the CampChef stove, and plus, my sweet tooth was killing. All the hours of working of Sugared Magnolia musta paid off… the mufins came out actually quite amazing (this might be a deprived camper talking). Recipe to come on the Culinary Camp log (on the “Log” main page). I’m quite impressed with my little oven (which has now turned into a necessity. Hey, we’re on the road for five months… gotta appease the foodie and the guy with a big appetite! =)

Got a handful of climbs in today. I was spent after a technical, frustrating but oh-so-satisfying 5.10c on Bath Rock. Steve has been doing some mighty impressive leading and this one was by far the most impressive to watch. It really did have some moves in it that require flexibility and creative thinking. By far the most technical we’ve done. Funny juxtaposition- while I was belaying his lead, a three year old was blowing bubbles from a plastic wand beside me. I hope that shows up on video…

We also checked out Owl Rock, but most of it was closed off due to nesting…owls <-obviously. The routes open were two 5.7s… both very poorly bolted. Each at about 70′ long, one only had three bolts. There was a chance of decking until you reached the third bolt on that one, and by the time you got to the third bolt, you were basically at the anchors. We were told these routes had been set a long time ago, which explains almost everything that is ever weird about a route.

While there we met Ken and Carol, a couple of great folks from Canada. They share our same philosophy of needing very little to live big. We talked about their time living in South Africa, about ice and rock climbing, about happiness, and everything in between. We felt instantly connected with them; life shone in their eyes. Upon parting ways, we exchanged emails with each other and were offered a place to stay (including showers & beds!) when we reach Banff. We’re in!

Today just reinforced how great the outdoor community is. So full of life and so ready to give and help others.  It’s like everyone wants to see everyone else succeed.  Pretty great to be a part of it.

Tomorrow we plan to try and find work again. From now on, we’re going to put the word out about work first, them climb. Gas is much more than we planned in these smaller towns and with the added weight of all our cargo, we’ve lost about 7 miles to the gallon. Yikes! If any of you know people along our way who need any extra hands for a day, let us know!

Hope everyone is doing well. We’ve been missing being in communication with our Twitter & Facebook friends, and of course our families (hi Mom!). We hope to find a better internet connection soon so we can see what is going on in your lives!



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